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Tips to Reducing Your Waste in 2022

Tips to Reducing Your Waste in 2022

It's a New Year. Hello 2022! Of course, that means people all over the world will be making resolutions to improve their health and become better versions of themselves. Why not add our consuming habits to the list? 

It's no secret the earth is in a bit of crisis. Apart from the global pandemic wreaking havoc on our daily lives, the climate crisis is putting our future in jeopardy. There are so many factors contributing to the crisis, but I like to focus on what I can actually control. While I can't stop planes from flying and emitting carbon into the atmosphere, I can cut down on the amount of plastic I'm sending to landfill. The goal isn't to be perfect. Small actions can lead to big results. 

If you're looking for some inspiration, here are a few things I've done to lower my waste. 

  •  Buy loose fruits and vegetables or place in reusable produce bags. Plastic bags at the supermarket are convenient, but a complete waste. As soon as we get them home they go straight to the rubbish. And all they did was make carrying a few apples a little more convenient. Instead, place loose produce directly in your cart or in produce bags. To remember your bags just throw into your shopping bag after use so they are ready for the next shop. 
  • Refill your weekly staples at bulk refilleries. While organized pantries on Pinterest can make us all feel like we are failing, pretty doesn't necessarily mean perfect. Start small. You can use any jars or plastic containers to refill your weekly staples like rice, pasta, oils, nuts, seeds, laundry liquid, dish soap and so much more. A list of all our products can be found here. Make a list, drop your containers off on the way to work,  and we will take care of the rest! Once you add refilling to your routine you will see a dramatic drop in your waste and even your grocery bill. 
  • Say no to single use coffee cups. Even replacing one coffee cup a week with a keep cup makes a tremendous difference. While many cups in the market claim to be compostable and made from plants, the hard truth is the majority still end up at landfill and are not provided the necessary environment to break down. With all the keep cup options out there at the moment like this one, single use coffee should become a thing of the past. For a little bonus, many cafes will give you a discount for using your own cup as well.

This is a great place to start. If you're feeling adventurous and want to add a few more, incorporating period products like Hello Cup and Period Underwear can massively reduce waste. Other household items you can slowly incorporate are reusable baking mats to replace baking paper, silicone lids to replace plastic wrap and our super popular wooden dish brush with replaceable heads. 

So now I challenge you. Add one of these ideas to your weekly routine and see how you go. It may feel inconvenient at first but soon enough you won't even notice the change you've made. 

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