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Fill Up On Good

Fill Up On Good

Fill Good offers the community a place to affordably source local whole foods that are eco-friendly and delicious too. More than half our products are served in bulk bins and give the customer quantity control while also cutting down on unnecessary plastic waste. 


  • Fill Up On Good-Head in-store with a container of your own or use our free paper bags. Fill the containers or bags with the many delicious goodies we have in store and leave feeling like you've made a contribution toward ridding our landfills of harmful plastic waste. 

  • Conveniently Nourishing- Place your order online and we will fill our own containers and paper bags with your products of choice for you to pick up during store hours. We will fill dry goods in paper bags and liquid products in recycled jars, unless noted otherwise. You may purchase new jars if your pantry is running low!

  • Local Delivery Heroes- We offer special delivery days and times to those with Cambridge post codes. Place your order online before 9am on your chosen delivery day and we will have your goodies at your doorstep before 5pm. Have a few jars stacking up at home? Leave them out for us with instructions in your order or drop off in store anytime. 

  • Feeling left out because you don't live in Cambridge? Place your order online and have it shipped anywhere in NZ. We will supply a free return label for you to return your packaging and containers and you will receive 10% off your next order. 

We believe, by providing the customer with healthy, low-waste options and good vibes, we can curate the supermarket experience in a way that sees the community coming together in one place to share the love and better their health.