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Free NZ Shipping On All Orders Over $50


1. Weigh Your Container at the Counter to receive tare weight
2. Fill Your Container
3. Place in basket and repeat!

4. Return to counter to have final products weighed less the weight of the container.

We have lots of nutritional goodies but unfortunately not enough floor space! By the register you can find an updated product list of bulk items that are available but not on display. Still don’t see your product? Just ask one of our sales associates!

We try our best to provide our Fill Good heroes with their dietary and health necessities. Simply ask one of our associates to add it to our product request list and we will be in touch.

Absolutely! And your container doesn’t have to be completely empty either. Don’t forget to weigh your containers beforehand at one of our weigh stations.

That’s no problem, we have recyclable brown paper bags ready to be used or take a free recycled jar from our community stash. If you prefer a new jar, we have several sizes for a $2 deposit. The jar is yours to keep or bring it back clean to receive your $2 deposit back.

While we try to supply organic options where possible, to make low waste shopping accessible to everyone we also offer a range of non-organic options. Certified organic products are sourced from reputable certified companies across NZ and the world and labeled throughout the store if organic.

Each instructor uses their own booking platform so booking and prices will vary. Check the Studio Collective tab for additional information and links to available classes.

At Fill Good we are all about supporting local and source our products from NZ whenever possible. In fact 70% of our entire stock comes from Kiwi growers and makers. Unfortunately, NZ can’t grow everything so to serve our customer needs we periodically need to seek out products from other parts of the world.

We do! Some packaging is clearly labelled as keto but we have lots of other goods in store that supplements a keto diet. Ask one of our staff and they will guide you through some of the best supplements and products we have to offer.

You’re free to bring in your own container but we recommend using a growler to keep your booch tasting fresh and lasting longer! We have a 2L and 1L growler available for purchase in the shop. Bring back your Om growler and receive a $2 discount on kombucha each time.

It’s a simple reward system that rewards you for taking care of your body and health. Each purchase is saved into your account and as the points accumulate so do perks such as birthday gifts and major discounts. This also keeps you in the loop with the latest offers and reduces waste by emailing your receipts rather than printing.

Yes and yes. Use our website to place an order that will be ready to collect at your earliest convenience. We have a shipping option available as well.


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