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The Studio Collective is a community space where private instructors provide the community with a place for movement and personal expression. Classes currently include Barre, Pilates, Yoga, and Meditation so you're sure to find something that fits your level of fitness and comfort. Check out our regularly updated schedule and find more information about our experienced instructors and the classes they offer.  Bookings are essential! Click Book Now for booking info of each instructor. 

Liora is on a mission to create a community of likeminded women giving energy and confidence back into you and your business through design and wellness/health coaching. After starting her own health journey 15 years ago, Liora now loves taking her learnings about nutrition, using supplements and exercise to help others feel their best.
Class Offerings

Barre Express- The same Barre Basics class, just a quick 45-minute workout for those who're under time pressure. Perfect for those wanting to get moving during their lunch break.

Barre Sculpt- Our sculpt class is low impact and comprises interval training and isometric exercises to reshape and sculpt your body.

Barre Basics- Barre Basics fuses ballet barre (French for 'bar') conditioning exercises with Pilates, yoga, and functional, body-weight training. Although the classes are based on dance movement, dance experience isn't a necessity to take part in the classes at all!

Barre Stretch- Class begins with some basic barre moves and then transitions into a relaxing stretch class to wind up the week. This luxurious 60 minute stretch class releases tired and tight muscles and calms the mind.

Barre Sweat- Barre Sweat is a step up from our regular Barre Basics class and is a great way to apply the technique you've been working hard on in your regular classes, to higher-intensity movements. The class is still low-impact but is designed to get the heart racing. (Intermediate-Advanced).

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Grace is the face behind Flow With Grace Pilates. She has been practicing pilates for over 10 years and says pilates has been a monumental factor in helping her through injuries and to trust in her body again. Grace's vision is to help clients through using pilates and restorative movement. With a variety of classes for all levels, you are guaranteed to gain confidence, strength and mobility. We look forward to helping you gain the most out of your body. Sign up and have some fun with Grace!

Class Offerings

Essential Mat- For beginners who want to build a strong full body platform.

Intermediate Mat- Add depth to your essential workout for a full body blitz.

Power Flow- Fast paced flow, to get the blood pumping and awaken your mind.

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