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Organic Maca Root Powder

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Valued in South America for thousands of years for its highly concentrated nutrition, maca contains amino acids, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and other beneficial plant compounds. The combination of these nutrients make maca a powerful adaptogen, helping the body achieve internal balance.

Maca has traditionally been used by native Peruvians since pre-Incan times for both nutritional and medicinal purposes. It is an important staple in the diets of these people, as it has one of the highest nutritional values of any food crop grown there. In Peru it is also made into a popular sweet fermented drink called maca chicha.

Our Organic Maca Root Powder is gelatinised (pulverised) during milling, which naturally breaks its starch bonds for superior digestion and nutrient absorption. This is a blend of yellow, black and red maca.

Gelatinised maca is the most premium grade of maca available as it is ready to eat without the need for cooking and easier on the tummy. With its malty/vanilla taste it is the perfect way to give your daily diet a superfood boost.


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