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Bamboo Toothbrush

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Our Eco Warehouse Bamboo Toothbrushes allow you to not only look after your pearly whites, they also give you peace of mind knowing you're doing good by the environment.

These bamboo toothbrushes have charcoal infused bristles which have shown to have some antibacterial and teeth-whitening properties.

Choose from either soft or medium bristles. 

Medium nylon bristles infused with activated charcoal


Biodegradable handle

Smooth round handle

Made from bamboo; fast growing source

No pesticide or insecticides required to grow bamboo

Recyclable packaging


Bamboo is an organic and renewable source. Certain species of bamboo grow up to 91cm within a 24-hours period, which is about 4cm/hour. Bamboo does not require treatment, pesticides or insecticides as part of the growing phase.

The handle of this toothbrush will biodegrade completely, but we advise you cut off the bristles before you put it in the compost or general garden waste bin.

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