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Moon Potion

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MOON is a darkly soothing lullaby elixir, wrapping you up in a cocoon like embrace reminiscent of a warm cosy bed on a cold night, with heavy rain on the roof and the one you love beside you.

A dark night time potion, with the  soothing and calming shroom, reishi, alongside the hypnotic zizyphus to guide your mind off to sleepy town, ashwagandha to help fade the stresses of the day behind you and  spellbinding vervain to guide you on your path ahead through dreamland.

Moon helps create a beautiful dark nightly ritual to soothe your spirit before it heads off to the other realm.


Carob, Reishi Extract**, Mesquite*, Zizyphus Extract*, Ashwagandha Extract*, Vervain Extract, Vanilla, Himalayan Sea Salt AROHA

* organic ingredients

*** Reishi is organic fruiting body, dual extracted mushroom extract

Size: 60g 

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